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Marketing service tenet
--------Offer the excellent product to the customer, and winning by good service to create famous brand.

Marketing service idea:
--------The important things of marketing are marketing service, we only offer the excellent quality service to the customer and then can obtain the trust and support from our customers.
Marketing service policy:
--------Service to the customers to obtain the result of double wins each other. Establish the good inter-dynamic marketing service system of before- sale, during the sale and after-sale.
--------Before –sale-------We supply the high quality products for our customers to choose and buy.
--------During the sale----We keep a contract; guarantee both quality and quantity; delivery on schedule.
--------After-sale-----Division of labour with individual responsibility and of labour on the basis of ------------------------------------specialization to finish the work of installation and adjustment and training for -------------------------------- - the customer on schedule.
--------If you have any opinion and suggestion to our products or service, please call our service hot line or fill in our service feedback paper, we will give you a sincere reply as soon as possible.
HJ738M Towel Rapier Loom
HJ738 Rapier Loom
D113A Hank Reeling Machine
FFJ303 Spooler
K7501 Covering Machine

Service hotline:

--------------Zhou PeiBiao

LJ204 Rapier Loom
LJ205 Rapier Loom
LJ304 Rapier Loom

Service hotline:

----Liao Weiqi

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