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  6Patents:Driving motion of take-up motion Patent No: ZL 03222916.X


5 Patents:Tape wheel driving motion of weft insertion device Patent No: ZL 03223930.O
4Patents:Shedding motion of the loom with long beat-up motion driven by conjugated cams Patent No:03267228.4
3Patents:The transverse needle control motion of dobby display Patent No:200320118691.2
2Patents:Take-up device of the rapier loom Patent No:03267228.4
1Patents:Frame of the rapier loom Patent No:200320118691.2
1One type of take-up device of Rapier Loom Patent No:200520054914.2
1One type of main shaft transmission device of Rapier Loom Patent No:200520057187.5
1One type of warp tension control device of the loom Patent No:200620068112.1

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