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    Towel Rapier Loom series
    HJ738M Electronic Dobby model
    HJ738M Mechanism Jacquard model
    Series of Rapier Loom for Coloured woven cloth
    HJ738 Electronic dobby model
    HJ738 Mechanism dobby model
    HJ768 Mechanism dobby model(Auto pick finding device)
    Series of Rapier Loom for jeans
    LJ204 Tappet Rapier Loom
    LJ205 Rapier Loom with low mounting dobby

LJ304 High Speed Rapier Loom

    Series of Silk Reeling

D113A Hank Reeling Machine

    Automatic Silk Reeling Machine



K7501 Covering Machine


FFJ303 Spooler


Contract to do the external machining & export


Contact person:
Liao weiQi(13923116010)
Chen FuJian(13923118501)


LJ204 Rapier Loom
  1Auto pick-up device
  2Electronic color selection device
  3Man-machine interface
  4Independent leno selvage
  5Positive take up motion
--The structures of the machine are newly designed, the whole operational is reliability. It can weave yarns of cotton 、wool、manmade fabric and the other high quality cloth.

Instruction of detail feature304-1

LJ204 Rapier Loom
Reed Width
Mchine speed
Weft inserting motion
Flexble gripper carrier
Color selection

Numerical electronic weft color selection.

Shedding motion
Tappet cam with Max. 8 harness
Let-off motion Positive Let-off motion:flange of the beam has two dimension: Φ760mm, Φ810mm
Take-up motion
Direct take-up system,the cloth dimensions is Max. φ500mm
Selvage motion
Independent positive leno false-selvage motion
Power of the motor

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