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-----We are engaged in machinery manufacture and machining for a long time since the factory is established-- in 1958,-- and the-- equipment of-- manufacturing -- is complete, --it owns machining center,-- numerical control lathe and punch machine etc. -- We have -specialized -- personnel who has the title of senior or middle rank professional post and know well -the machinery --technology design and a perfect quality guarantee system.
-----Our enterprise is always taking up with product development and technology design to ensure the quality of the- products. -We also own a marketing team who know well international trade and- they are- taking up with developing the market of at home and abroad and marketing service over a long period of time.
-----In recent-- years global -- integrative economy is --deve-- loping rapidly,-- our enterprise plan to invest much capital in- buying numerical control equipment and machining centre, readjust our --resource and make -- full use -- of self-superiority positively to contract to do the -processing mechanical parts export business. We have abundant experience for machining especially -- for machining long shaft and gear and start to set foot in machining auto parts.

We are always engaged in machining business.


----We welcome your orders and designs to visit us for discussing the business.

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Liao weiQi(13923116010)
Chen FuJian(13923118501)


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